The Ion Channel Episode 007 - Dr Singer and Asthma

Dr Cherie Singer works at the University of Nevada, Reno where sheis an associate professor of pharmacology as well as the associate dean for admissions and student affairs at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. Her research focuses on miRNA and its role specifically in airways smooth muscle and asthma. In her free time, Dr Singer does agility training with her Shetland Sheepdogs.

THE ION CHANNEL 005 - Dr Arthur Günzl and Trypanosomes

Dr Arthur Günzl was educated in Germany and the United States and is currently a tenured professor and researcher in the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences at the UConn Health School of Medicine studying mRNA processing in Trypanosomes.

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Show notes:
Questions for Dr. Günzl can be directed to or use the Contact Us page of this website

Recommended Reading:   “Forgotten People Forgotten Diseases”,  by Peter J Hotez, second edition, ASM Press.

Dr. Günzl recommended these lecture slides for people who wanted to get a better understanding of how Trypansomes function.

The Ion Channel 004 - Blood Pressure Nutrition, Cancer, and Fungus

This episode, Karolina talks about nutritional recommendations for optimizing blood pressure and Christian rants about cancer and possible ways to fight the war on super bugs! Featuring hosts Christian Copley Salem, Karolina Baulkinbush and Jonathon James.

Also, Jonathon reads some "Listener feedback,"and Karolina makes us spin the wheel in "Science Roulette"!

The Ion Channel 002 - Fertility, Cancer, and Alzheimer's

This episode, Karolina talks about nutritional recommendations for optimizing fertility and Christian talks about new treatments for cancer and possible causes of Alzheimer's disease. Featuring guest hosts Brendan Palomo and Jonathon James.

Also, "Listener feedback," "How the hell do you pronounce that" and "Science Roulette"!!!!